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CSV Import With Multi-Reference Fields

I see this code is missing a method of getAllItemIds() which is a missing piece to this puzzle.

Any chance you can post the code for that?


was a long time i looked into that code, but something like this should work:

async function getAllItemIds({ webflow, collectionId }) {
  const response = await webflow.items({ collectionId });
  const onlyIds = => item._id);
  return onlyIds ;

No guarantee :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will give this a try.

Did you run into CORS issues when using this? I am setup using a localhost environment and its giving me a CORS error.

I have created this on the wishlist as I couldn’t see it, please check it out and upvote if you’d find it useful :slight_smile:

I can’t believe Webflow staff said this isn’t possible…

I figured out how to do this very easily because I ran into the same problem.

What I did was go to one of my products, assign it to multiple categories, and then I exported this data. This allowed me to see how Webflow was storing this information, turns out the ‘Categories’ column for this product was being stored like ‘Category 1;Category 2;Category3’.

I deleted all my products in Webflow, then reuploaded this .csv to confirm it would work, and it did.

So to answer your question, simply separate your categories with a ‘;’ and it will work.

Hey @liamemery - This isn’t working for me. When I go to import, for that field - it doesn’t let me select my multi-reference to import to. How did you import your multi-reference? Map to existing or create new field? When I try map to existing, my multi-reference is greyed out. When I choose create new field, the only option really is ‘option’ - which is not what I want. Could you help?

I should have clarified, this only works for ecom multi reference.

Hello Everyone, feel free to check this out:

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Its not working for me :frowning: any reccommendation?

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I’ll talk to you in private to check. It’s running fine on my end here

Problem solved:

The items are only updated on the designer and cms. Users need to refresh Webflow’s tab once the predicted time is over to be able to see the updates. After that, they only need to publish the changes to the website.

This wishlist item is here:
Liam Emery said this in his comments on that wishlist – not sure what he’s getting at, but I’ll look into it:
Split up your categories with a “;” and it will work. Unbelievable that no one from the Webflow team mentioned this.

I only figured it out because I ran into the same issue, so I simply made a product in Webflow, assigned multiple categories to it then exported it to see how they were storing this data.

I deleted all my products in Webflow, then reuploaded this .csv and it worked fine.

Hey Jean, when I click on the tool, it shows a 404 error. Could you re-post the tool? Also do you have a solution for just Reference-Feild?

Hey Arth, I decided to unpublish it for the time being because I’m gonna be updating the design of the tool and the scripts on the server. In the future, when I make everything available again, it will be capable of handling both Reference Fields and Multi Reference ones too.


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Thanks for quick reply, really appreciate it.

Do you have a solution for the same that you can share. I tried this ‘;’ as suggested in few comments above, but it has still not worked.

Would really appreciate if you could share any leads you have.

Note: I am trying to build a CMS not a e-commerce.


Hey Arth, webflow now uses “,” (commas) to separate Multi-Reference Items in their collections. Can you work with that information or do you need more?

Hey Jean,

Thanks again. Tried using “,”(comas) and uploaded the csv file. But unfortunately the problem still persist.

Attaching image and spreadsheet link for your reference.

google spreadsheet

Hey Arth. Webflow won’t allow you to use Reference/Multi-Reference fields during the import of the CSV. You will need to combine what I told you to what @andre9000 was talking about on the begning of this thread: He used a NodeJS server to automate the process of updating each item of the collection list, AFTER THE CSV IMPORT was done (you can assign the multi-reference column temporarily to a text field).

If you’re not really proficient with programming, you can always try to use visual editors such as parabola or Integromat. Use Webflow’s API documentation to get it up and running:

In the end, if you’re still not comfortable doing that, you can always get in touch with someone who has the skills to do it and work something out.

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Thanks a lot Jean,

This saved up a lot of my time, as I have realised that I mostly won’t be able to do this by myself.

I am sure I fall in the last category, who is not proficient with programming, hence webflow. Please drop in your email address as It definitely seems like you know this, and we can work something out.

Just in case here is my email id:

Thanks again

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Webflow, please change this help documentation right now, so everyone can stop wasting time reading and acting on incorrect information.

It takes “;” semi colon, not “,” to upload multiple categories for a given variant in ecommerce