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Currency converter?

I would like to add a currency converter onto our website:
I know WebFlow doesn’t have a feature for this, as users would use Foxy and Geodirect as an alternative. I tried to use HTML Embedded by adding some JavaScript which works - only on a temporary basis, but not within the checkout

Does anyone else have any ideas about this? How I could try to implement this?
Or, would I need to use Foxy or Geodirect as an alternative to pursue this.

There is a difference between displaying prices in a different currency and the currency you can make a payment in. Webflow ecommerce only supports a single currency for payment. Hope that helps with your planning.

I totally understand this as my default currency is pounds. However, I wanted to change the currency to DOLLARS, EURO too.

Hi @Usman_Basharat.
Just now seeing your post. Sorry for the late reply. Foxy handles multi-currency natively. Feel free to email us your read-only link, details on your use case, etc. and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.