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Current state in navigation not recognized when query string follows URL


When sending traffic to a WebFlow site using a URL with a query string, for example Google Analytics Tracking URL, the CURRENT state of navigation is not recognized. For example, lets say a navigation link for CURRENT state has a background color change. This would work as expected for a url (example), but the CURRENT (page) state is not recognized for the url


Hello @bhinson smile

Thanks for catching that. Let me talk to my team to see if we can address this quickly.


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Hello @bhinson,

Sorry for the delayed response. There currently isn't a way for querystrings to work with the "current" class. But, there may be a workaround using jQuery and custom code.

The code could recognize the name of the page, then apply a the "w--current" class to the appropriate nav link.

Would you like me to go further with the code?

I'll be standing by for your response! smile



Would love to see your ideas Nelson