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Custom Attribute Not Appearing in Published Site

I have a select element in a form with a custom attribute, however, when I publish the site to test, the attribute doesn’t appear in the code.

The custom attribute is onchange=“ShowHideDiv()”
There is a hidden DIV in a form that appears when a specific option is chosen.

Is there any reason why I can add the attribute but it doesn’t appear in the published code?

Hey Alan! Welcome to the Community! Do you mind sharing both your read-only link (see how here) and your published ( link), and let me know which page you have the form with the custom attribute?

Looking forward to your response!

Hi Matt,

Thanks for responding on a Sunday! The read-only and published links are below. The form will be on most pages so is set up as a symbol. I initially thought that might be an issue so I unlinked it but the same problem persisted.

The page I’m using to test is the about page.


Sure thing! That’s quite unexpected - not sure why that’s happening. @webdev @rileyrichter - any thoughts?

I can take a deeper look at this tomorrow, but as a quick (code-based) fix is to add this custom code to your website’s head:


    var Webflow = Webflow || [];
    Webflow.push(function () {
        document.getElementById('Service').setAttribute("onchange", "ShowHideDiv()");


Hoping someone else can figure out why the attribute isn’t being added natively with Webflow, but the code above should get you taken care of. It says: on page load, add the attribute to the select dropdown (targeted by using the ID you already have on the element.)

Hope that helps somewhat!

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Thanks for getting back so quickly. That solution works and will be enough to show the client to push it over the line. It’s rare that I have to use the custom attribute but thought I better flag it either way.

Cheers and thanks again,

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For sure - I haven’t seen a custom attribute not show up on the published website before, so I’m curious as to why that might happen as well!