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Custom Break Points


Is there a way I can set custom break points in Webflow?

My goal is to set my font sizes for small and large mobile screens. I tried using percentages in the mobile portrait view but the fonts did not adjust when I scaled my view from small to large. Is that one of those things that can only be seen once the site is published?


Hey @soulluciani

Here is how to make custom breakpoints: although this does require custom code.

About your font sizes have you tried using VW unit for your font size as VW stands for Viewport Width so your font size depends on the users Viewport Width making it fully responsive :smile:

To learn more about different units check this out:



@Ahmadz839 Thank You. I didnt realize Webflow supports vw.

I have uploaded a few svg files and applied vw to them as well there are a few images that wont seem to convert. When I type in vw it just changes it to px and automatically selects the hiDPI. Any idea as to why that might be happening?


Hey @soulluciani

Glad i could help :smile:

Webflow currently does not support VW in the image settings although if you add a class to it then give it a width of 30vh it should work.


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