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Custom Burger animation cloneable for the community :)


Hello guys,

I've been sick for two days so i've done that for fun :smiley:
Hope it ll inspire some of you.

The website is here :

The Webflow project is here :

You can copy paste anything you want for free guys, just please leave my credit if you purely duplicate the website and put it in your portfolio.

How to do this hamburger menu interaction

wow.. great work! - how can we get to play with these? are you good with sharing or purchasing them?


@zbrah way to go! These are awesome! :smiley: I had started on a small project like this last year sometime and I really love the style you applied to the hamburgers, the blue background, white line one is my favorite so far :heart_eyes:

It's so cool that you made the site cloneable as well in your portfolio, thank you for sharing this with the Webflow Community :purple_heart: :bow:


Thanks @seank ! Feel free to copy any burger your want.
The Webflow project is in the initial post :slight_smile:


I agree... amazing work!

I can't wait for the ability to be able to clone objects from site-to-site!


Thanks @Waldo I really appreciate :blush: Wow didn't notice you've done this kind of project before, i love this one so clever, haven't thought about it !

No problem for the sharing project :vulcan:


Yes i've thought about that too @seank, would be so much easier. Hopefully people will copy paste this easy soon :wink:


@Waldo Oh and yes same favorite here, i also like the orange line white background, i think they are both more logical in a way


Awesome work! Love it!


Thanks @VladimirVitaliyevich :nerd:


Great work bro! Thanks for sharing! #webflowspirit


@vincent TY BROOO :heart:


Great work, man :grinning:
These will really come in handy when copy and paste for styles are released.


Clutch. These are top-notch!


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing :wink:


Great work, thanks for taking the time to build these menu icons and sharing with the community


Fantastic cloned for when copy and paste btw projects becomes a reality. Thanks @zbrah


Thanks @biodust ! Yes definitely :wink:


Ahah thank you @Jakev:balloon:


No problem @nita_design, Great to see people clone it ! :wink: