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Custom Code Local Delivery Calculator

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to build your own custom code shipping calculator to input at checkout and add the shipping cost to the total?

I want to do this because a client needs a local distance based calculator because they deliver themselves but only in and around Metro Atlanta. It’s basically just $2/mi from their store to the destination with $10 minimum.

I’m mainly worried about it implementing smoothly with webflow. any ideas?

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Hey I think I have an idea.

I’m going to try building a distance calculator using google distance matrix api. From there if its less than 10 miles ill have it round up. between 10 and 20 and itll round up to 20.

From there I can make 15 products for shipping costs. so let’s say it’s 5 miles then it’ll go to a page where they can choose either free in-store pick up or $20 delivered to them (the 10mile shipping cost). Which ever they choose will be added to cart and I can hid the shipping options on the checkout page.

Still working on it, but ill post if it works!