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Custom CSS selectors


I can see there is some work being done on the css selector part of the UI which is great.

I'd really like to be able to see a few features, I really miss the ability to target specific tags within a class or id, for instance I'd like to be able to style all

tags within a specific class.

Also pseudo-classes would be very helpful.

I know anything can be targeted by creating a new class, but these features would really help developers and would come into play a lot more, especially with the Webflow cms on the way, where data may not be implicitly styled. eg. all paragraph tags in a blog post (you dont want the editor adding classes to each p).



What do you mean "targeted"? By an interaction?

If you have an element with .class1.class2, you can still target .class2 within an interaction, I found a workaround: create a dummy div and give it .class2 only. Now target it in the interaction, it will show up. Now you can delete the dummy div.


"Targeted"purely in a css styling context.

So if I have a div with the class "blogpost" - I want to ad styling to all <p> tags within blogpost

.blogpost p { background-color: red; }

Essentially some way of adding a "secondary" selector to classes added within the UI, the secondary selctor could be an html tag or a psudo class.


Yes, yes, I thought so, I was just giving the workaround for interactions in case of ツ

I agree for the possibility to style .class p. With Webflow we quickly learn to p.class instead, we're like CSS salmons going up the river.