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Custom Dynamic Social Share Button Cloneable Project

I made this because I felt like I was always searching for these individual
custom share buttons in differnt forum posts and showcase projects and I wished they were all in one place, made right. (with help from @sabanna)

Here they are with proper formatting to pop up a small minimal share window.

I made one where you can change or edit the SVG’s if you want custom icons or if you use Font Awesome’s brands font you can use that version so you can have hover color changes and other font related changes.

I hope this helps someone!

A few notes:

  1. For Pinterest, you’ll need to include a script in the head code of your site or page you want to use it on.
    <script async defer src="//"></script>

  2. Here is where you can download the font awesome fonts. They need to be uploaded to your project for those versions to work (

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How do I resize the icons on the HTML embed?