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Custom Facebook Sharing Button


Hi guys,

I ve used a code from to integrate a custom facebook sharing button to the site I m working on. Works perfect for Chrome and Safari but for Firefox the sharing pop up doesn't open.
Any advices to fix this? Thanks guys.

Unfortunatly its a bit tricky cause I cant share a read only link or something like that because our company want to keep the project as secret as possible.



Remove the target attribute from the facebook share link. @Waldo


@samliew thanks a lot! not it works but the original window is showing that sort of message:


Ugh, I just realized that snippet is incomplete.

Take this:

href="javascript:return fbshareCurrentPage();"

or this:


Also, feel free to contact me for further code help and/or customization of third-party plugins


@samliew Thanks! the second one works perfect!


@samliew @Waldo i just realised that it shows a weird image, is there a possibility to change the image when people share the page?


Great question @Edelkollektiv you actually just need to update your Open Graph image:

Facebook also offers a handy debugging tool to scrape the new OG image when it’s ready: