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Custom fonts And Website Load Times


If I have a bunch of custom fonts from Google loaded into a project.

Does this affect load times of the project at all?

Should I delete the fonts I'm not using to help with load times?

(Reason I ask is, I notice a slight delay when loading the page outside of the designer.

Here's the published page:


Yeah fonts can be killing if you are going for fast load times. Always delete fonts you are not using, same goes for css styles, clean them up every now and then.

Unused web fonts still show up in code

Unused font files won't be loaded if it's not used in the style of any element. If you are loading a font file just for a single element or header, it might not be worth it.


Your bottleneck is the image, reduce it down to 100KB or less.


Yeah, that bg image is hefty-ish...

How can I get a high-res bg image to be smaller?



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