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Custom form on exported website


Hi @Kirill_Krysanov, sorry about the delay :-/ The problem seems to be, that if you look at the exported code, the site was originally published without using the minify option, and somehow, there was some extra spaces added to the id of the html element having the #team id:

<div class="w-section section_team " id="team "><div class="w-container container_team "><div class="div_decor "><img class="decor " src="images/page-decoration-elements-43 copy.png" width="84 " alt="548adb2fbdb14abc5b05dfe0_page-decoration-elements-43%20copy.png "><div class="header_main ">- YHTEYSTIEDOT -</div>

I would replace edit this html and remove that space, for example where the id of the element says:

id="team " (note the space after the word team)

Change to:


Check all the html for that element and remove the spaces in the values between the quotes. Then it should work properly.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to further assist. Cheers, Dave smile

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