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Custom lightbox from dynamic content


I'm trying to create a page that works exactly like the one as explained here:

I read the post, watched the video, opened up the share link, and copied all the steps. But, when I preview my page the thumbnails are not even clickable. I even went thru each item as per the navigator and made sure each setting matched the setting from the demo. So, I need another pair of eyes. Can someone please take a look and tell me what I missed? I know it'll be obvious once you point it out. I appreciate all your help.

My share link is:

Then once there, please navigate to the page called "test". This is where I am trying to test the gallery first before adding it to the site.



Hello, @Roderic

You did one mistake on the step when you create OPEN LIGHTBOX interaction.
You set the action on 1st click (Display: block) and action on 2nd click (Display:block and Opacity: 100%) - this is wrong.

The actions that you have on the 2nd click should be on the 1st click. And 2nd click should have nothing.


Hi Sabanna,

Thank you very much. I was looking everywhere but there at interactions. This solved the issue.

Thank you for the quick reply.



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