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Customer live chat suggestions


I have a client that is already using Webflow, and they are asking me to add a chat feature for their clients to their site, as well as a dedicated page for chat and contact. Basically, I’m looking for suggestions that anyone has actually used and that will integrate well.

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Hi @mhyusi

This is usually quite straightforward to add to a site. Choose your provider - there are many - Intercom, Chatra, and even Facebook Messenger and they will have a section on how to embed the widget in a site. Once installed, you just manage the chat within the provider’s interface.

In Webflow there is a choice to add code to the whole project (dashboard) or at page level (page settings) or within an embed element on the canvas.

Here’s some help if you went the FB messenger route:

You can also use the forum search (top right) if you hit any issues integrating a specific provider’s code.

Hope that helps