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Customer Review / Comment section


Hi all,

I have a client who’d like a customer review/testimonials area where customers could go and leave their name, rating, and review of the company service that was delivered. Does anybody have any direction to where I can go with this?

The reviews would sit on it’s own page called /customer-reviews. Once a customer submits a review, it would display on the page.

Was thinking some sort of third party form plugin (potentially something from CodeCanyon), but not really having luck finding anything that’s quite what I need. Although because the site is hosted through Webflow, uploading any third party plugins is going to be a no-go.

I’ve tried telling the customer that Google reviews should be good enough, but they would like something built into the site.

Any ideas?

update: I’ve been playing around with KudoBuzz, it looks like it may do the job, but still open to any ideas/suggestions.

Is there anyway to let user add review to collection page
Create CMS item according to the submitted form

Hi @danwilko

I saw this related thread recently. I’ve not tried anything yet, but i’m in a similar position, scoping for a new project.

Hope it helps



@StuM I’ve installed KudoBuzz. It seems to be doing the trick for the time being I think. There will be some obviously limtations with regards to layout, but I’m just in the process of overriding the default styling.

Here’s a screenshot of adding in the software via a custom html snippet.