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Daily dose of inspiration / Webflow CMS


Daily Inspiring is a handpicked, curated collection of useful resources (primary) for designers.

I've discovered that while I design for clients, I quite often search and find great resources such as mockups, Sketch and Photoshop freebies etc. When I want to use that resource again for another project I quite often can't find the link to that resource again. So, I've decided to make a simple site where I'll save and feature my top picks. And while it can be a great use for me, I thought maybe it can be useful for other people in the community.

So here it is:

Site currently features three main categories:
Resources (categories coming soon),

Wallpapers (download for free)

and Music (to listen while I work)

I've played with Webflow interactions (huge fan since my background is in motion design) in the music section so check it out and let me know what you think.

I know that there is a ton of sites with similar content, so I've decided to put a limitation to share only one link every day. This will help me focus on quality rather that quantity. Hopefully, I'll feature only best from the best. :slight_smile:

More to come soon!!!

Any feedback, bug reports, ideas or anything else would be very helpful.