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Dann Pettys Onshore design Recreated in webflow


Please Note this is 100% Dann Pettys design, I am not claiming any creative input.

Update: I have now completed the main instructor page Check It Out

I really enjoyed Dann Pettys design he shared on dribbble It was a rad project and I wanted to see how creating it in Webflow would go :slight_smile:
I will say this! flexbox is a god send...
I have a video I'll upload shortly of my process taking Adobe XD design file and building that in webflow.

My goal is to build out all the pages, then ill add CMS integration followed by some new api things I want to try out and learn myself, ill be releasing small videos to share what I learn along the way. Whoot

I have only built 1 page more coming soon!
Will make clonable once completed.

Live version

Open in webflow:


Awesome. Those reviews would go nice with cms comments sort of thing right?


Thats what I was thinking :slight_smile:

I'm looking foward to how far we can push this thing in webflow.


Very far. There are a lot of possibilities here. With well organized Zaps, I see a scenario where one can make a client-driven pseudo dashboard:


Hell yeah, lets do this.
I love doing stuff like this as it will grow our own skills and the communities also :slight_smile:

My goal is to build out all the designs first, then clone the site and then add all this funtnality, that way anyone can still download the original HTML files without all the breaking of the cms integrations


Sure. Sounds like a great plan.


Absolutely awesome, great job :slight_smile:


@daniel_cleayweb nice work!

Check this out:


Update: I have now completed the main instructor page Check It Out

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