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Dashboard - Sorting


It would be nice... if when you duplicate a project
the system would name the project
- [Project Name] - Copy

instead of

  • Copy of [Project Name]

When you have a project named "bw2"
and a copy of the project named "copy of bw2"
--- sorting alphabetically isn't really useful.

Yes, I know I can rename the Copy.

It would also be helpful
- if you could see the last time / date the project was modified in the dashboard.

Sometimes I copy a project - then copy the copy - or make another copy of the original.

so... bw would be bw2 and bw3... but bw2 would be "the one I'm actually working on".

Seeing the last time / date mod would help me remember that I have a somewhat confusing and disjointed workflow. You use what works though.

It would help save my admittingly and occasionally lapse brain from working on the wrong project.

And I hate slapping myself.