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Database for Car Dealership Group


Our organization, CARite, is a huge fan of webflow for prototyping. We also use it for one of our related company websites.

We are trying to explore the possibility of using webflow for our primary website. Obviously, it is exceptional for developing beautiful user-facing materials. However, we don't think the CMS would be able to handle our requirements to build a website for customer to search for and view cars across multiple locations.

So, we're looking for a consultant to possibly help us find a way to integrate webflow for all of our 'static' content, with a database that allows us to store vehicles which would then be displayed and searchable by customers (think of AutoTrader and as examples for requirements).

I'm hopeful someone on here can at least point me in the right direction on how to pursue this kind of o project, or to simply stop me from barking up the wrong tree if it's a bad idea to combine webflow with other tools to achieve our goals.


PS - Our current website (developed outside of webflow) is at

A mock-up of our starting point for a webflow replacement is at


Hello @johnneary
I would like to help you with the requirement.
Here is my Sk.yp.e ID: cis.ron
So that we can discuss.

Ron Anderson