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Date condition visibility


Hey guys, is there any way to hide or show an element using a date? For example “hide a div after 19/12/2018”


No, it’s always “in the past” “in the future” from today. A lots of things are still missing around dates, their formats and how we can filter depending on exact dates, ranges etc.

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Is there any way to achieve this? I have a class list with a start and end date, I wanna stop showing those classes after they start


You can list classes from today to n days in the future.

Tomorrow, today’s classes won’t be listed anymore.

However, if a class starts at 4PM today, it will continue to be listed until tomorrow.

I use such filters to display cruises schedules on flatscreens TVs (Webflow CMS > Chromecast > TV Screen). As you can see below, this morning’s departures are still listed (it’s 3PM as I post this message)


Hi @sanshiro.
A little javascript will get you what you need. :slight_smile: I’ve emailed.



I’m in love with foxy now




what is that javascript please let me know


How to add class in webflow?


Hi @naddesigns.
The javascript we helped @sanshiro with is specific to Foxy. If you’ll be using Foxy as well, let us know and we can help you get things setup.



well, i do exactly what @vincent just told before, hide stuff on the past from a date and that just works fine for the project.

foxy in the other hand just help me a looooooooooot creating the store, they almost do all the configuration for me, just an amazing service there doing just great job like webflow guys…


I keep hearing the same good things about those guys and their service :slight_smile:


Yes I am using foxy.


Hi @naddesigns.
Thank you for confirming. I just sent you a private message.



yep, everybody here loves josh, freaking rockstar


I really enjoyed. :smiley: :smiley:

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