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Date localization


If I make no mistake, when you change website langage, it does not change the date formats.
I setup my website to "fr" and expected that date will be "5 novembre 2015" instead of "November 5, 2015".

How to change the date format in CMS content?

Check here for the format:

For the language, it's not possible yet.

Ping this whishlist post, it's starting to be needed :slightly_smiling:


I second this wishlist item! Really have a need right now to output my calendar dates in the french language (not just the format, but the names of the days & months). Pretty please!!??


Greetings from Germany, we need this as well. VERY IMPORTANT FOR US!


Very important, in my case days and months in Portuguese.

Is there a way to change the string array or the variables that contains the names of the month and days with a custom code? I can do that in Squarespace.

I would also add a need to the calendar input on the date filed of the CMS to be localized as well.



Greetings from Argentina, +1 folr this!


Greetings from Sweden +1!


Hey guys I used date localizing (workaround) in my website check it out:

You can find the explanation here:

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