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Date Time picker in a form

I have a Webflow form that takes contact information. I would like to add the ability to pick a date and time in the form as an appointment time. The date/time picker ( seems to be a CMS collection item. My page does not have any CMS need. It is a simple form.

Could you please suggest a way to collect forward looking date and time on a form? Sincerely appreciate any help.


If you want a date time picker widget bound to a I put field then you might want to consider using this one that’s designed for jQuery since it is loaded on all WF projects. It’s a simple plugin that is easy to implement as far as custom code goes.

Hello Jake.

mattvaru Gave a simple solution to this task using flatpickr.
Clone link:

All you need to do is create a text field, add class name “date” and add this code inside the tag.2020-05-16 19_00_38-Skype

You can use any method. I gave you one of the possible ones, where everything is ready inside Webflow.

This is amazing. I’ve been trying to figure out a solid solution and this works really well, as I was able to implement without personally knowing much about JS.

In my example (haven’t really fine tuned it yet) I’m capturing 3 dates and a corresponding time. Here you can see I’ve disabled the selection of Saturday and Sunday, while the soonest date is available is 3-days from today.

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 1.15.29 PM