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Delete a field in CMS


have tried and tried to delete a field from a collection.

I get the message: “This field is currently used by either a Dynamic List on the site or inside a Collection page template. To delete this field, you’ll need to remove any references to it first.”

I have gone through my website and removed ALL references but it still won’t let me delete it.


Hi @adminnuu

Post your read-only and we can take a look and see if we spot something that’s still bound:

Also @vincent has a useful checklist:


I am searching all of that points but I didn’t found where is missing


Ok, which field in which collection is it you are looking to delete?


Podcast and Soundcloud ID


Hi @adminnuu

Here’s some screenshots to help you unbind and then delete the field:

Untick mandatory:

Delete the data in the field in these 3 items:

Unbind this embed on your Podcasts Template page (purple)

Now try deleting the field in the Collection List settings:

Hopefully that works… :pray: