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Delete fields in collections that are still in bindings


Please help me. I can't seems to find where the collection fields are binded and I really need to change/edit the fields. I have gone through all the pages several times and I still can't find where the bindings are. :frowning:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Delete fields in collections that are somehow still in bindings
Removing Webflow CMS from site

Please T_T I am going crazy trying to find these bindings. Is there anywhere I can remove these bindings without deleting all the pages???


I believe this is an error in Webflow: I looked through all of my pages, removed all references to a certain collection field, and Webflow is still indicating that I have that collection field in bindings—which is definitely not true.


Glad to hear I am not the only one. I have resolved to making a new website and re doing my collections. Will take me 2 weeks and probably more to redo. I hope it's worth it...


I Got this problem also. Deleted all fields, but i can't delete it?


Hey all, we just released an update that will clean up field references when a site is published or exported. Can you try to perform one of those actions and see if it helps you delete the field(s)? If you're still seeing issues, please send us an email to with your Webflow site read-only link so that we can take a closer look - thank you!


@barnabasnagy :point_up:


Hey all, we're getting this error still:

The site is:

We're trying to delete three collections with 0 items, but we keep getting the "cannot delete as it is used in bindings" error.

The three collections are: (Featured Articles, Featured Events and Innovation Pages).

If you could delete them from your end, that would be amazing!



Hi @johnnymitch, thanks for reaching out. If you could send a quick message to, I will be happy to help with this! Thanks in advance


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