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Designer crashing and very slow


I’ve also been having lots of crashs, every time the webflow tab comes up around 2.3GB it crash…

I do not know if this is a chrome thing … I tried it in Opera and it was the same …

I know you are working on it, but inspired by video of Taran Van Hemert, I decided to make my version of the webflow … rsss

just for fun.


Hi Brando,

any news on the rollout of the fix?

Best, Rob.


Hi @robsawkins

The update just passed through QA and we should be deploying soon.

I’ll let you know as soon as the fix is live — thanks for your patience.


Thank you for the quick response :wink: R


Webflow is crashing chrome and safari every few minutes on two separate laptops when in designer mode. Both are macbook pros. This is making it almost impossible to work. Will this update be happening today?


Hi @robsawkins @johnsherwin @Siton_Systems @akoysor @Savipriya_R @andre9000 @dram @lucaspchara @AlLewis

The update we created is live now. It should address some of the performance issues.

Can you please try logging out of Webflow, then completely close Chrome, and log back into Webflow with one Chrome tab open? Then try opening the project that was crashing.

If the issue persists for you it’s likely not all related to one issue, but rather related to each individual project. Our team is happy to take a closer look at each of these instances, but in order to so can you please reach out to us directly using this form:

In the body of the submission, can you also please mention this forum post thread? This will help our team accurately track each individual instance.

Thanks so much and standing by for your confirmation that the issue is resolved, or your emails if it’s not.

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