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Designer doesn't show the page, that is shown online... a bug?


Hi there!

It’s like a miracle. As soon as I switch to the designer the page that is presented to me, isn’t the one that is shown on the published site. I didn’t made changes that would explain this behaviour. I just changed the links to the buttons. So… I need your help with this. I tested Chrome, Chrome Canary, Safari, Safari Technology and Firefox, same problem.

It’s this page (project is copy from the original):

Looks fine that way:

But shows something different in the designer (and “Rücken” is missing):


Thanx so much for helping!
Diana with greetings from Switzerland

Here is my site Read-Only:


I t kinda looks like everything is fine to me. Is it possible that you just misclicked in the designer and landed on the Waschen Sie page instead of Waschen Er?


Hi there!

Yes, that’s what I thought too at first. But it happens even when I am trying to reach the site “Wachsen Er” with the editor. Very strange… But thanks for looking at my problem!


Ah I see. Your interaction showkap3 4 is setting some objects as hidden in the initial state.

If you want them to be visible remove their show/hide from the initial state.


YES … It worked! Thank you so much for helping me! You made my day, definitely.