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Designer Douche Bags


No one here like that are there?
You’re not a design rockstar


Haha, the fist couple pointers scared me that I was one of them.... but as it got closer to the end I realized that I was not part or their "DB Elite Crew". Great read. Thanks! :wink:


:smiley: Balance is the key to happiness :wink:


Nice share... it´s always good to be modest & honest. :smile:
I especially liked the clip with Stefan Sagmeister


Cool read. I think there's a couple of typos "People already appreciate good work and your qualities, specially if you don’t boast about them..." Specially should be especially?

"But that’s just me, filled with hate probably because I didn’t had as much love and attention during my childhood as I should". Didn't have?

Does this make me a wise ass douche bag? :/sweat:


Haha. More people should call out typos on Medium, imo