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Destiny: The Taken King page remake


Hey everyone :smile:,
I wanted to share with you my first site in Webflow, i did a little remake to the "Destiny: The Taken King" page.

Thank you,


If you use flexbox on the three boxes, powerful new abilities, new campaign... then they will be the same hight.

Other than that, nice font and good use of icons.


Nicely done!
How did you manage to change the arrow image for the sliders ?


Thank you for the tip! i will try it now.
btw, i did this site before the "flexbox update" :slightly_smiling:


Hey Blaise,
You can put a div block/img inside the "Right/Left Arrow" or even use a background on the "Right/Left Arrow (delete the arrow "icon").
Example :)
pretty simple :smile:



great job! especially for your first site with webflow...amazing

how did you get the youtube video to stop playing when the "x" buttton is pressed?


Hey Diarmuid,
Thank you! :smile:
I just used a "Lightbox Link" element.
You can read about it here: Lightbox Articles, I hope this will help you :smile:.



That slider is so awesome @Ohad great job on this rebuild! Did you by chance do a screen recording of you building out the site?


For a first Webflow site, that is actually quite damn impressive, and it definitely is close to the original page

Keep up the great work..


@Waldo: Thank you! :smile:. Yeah i really like that slider, the only different between the original slider and my slider is the "slider nav dots" (I didn't manage to edit them :cry:).
About the screen recording: I don't have a screen recording :cry: but i will record my screen next time :smile:.

@aegnorkeil: Thank you! :smile:.



Aha! That's too easy - I never knew I could embed videos in lightboxes - that'll save me some headaches! Thanks