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Detect and stop loading background videos on mobile


Both are asking for the same thing. I have a website of two different markups.

One for desktop and one for mobile.

I have 5 videos of ~1mb each on the desktop version, but I don’t want to load them on the mobile site.
display:none will hide them but they will still be in the background.

I don’t mind using a script to detect the video elements and have them not load on mobile.

The above issues are mine as well. Only I have more than one video.

Can someone help me improve my mobile performance? Currently Google say it’s a 10-12sec loading time because of all the video content. I don’t mind it on desktop since it’s a trade off and I need video background elements. But the mobile should load on within a few seconds ideally.

I tried the method you posted, @JoeDigital but it’s not working for me. I gave each video the same ID of “bgvid” but when I test the site on Google Dev it still loads all of the background videos…