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Developing a community site on WF


Did anyone create a community site with WF? A site where visitors can create an account and discuss topics - a sort of forum. I'm trying to see if we could migrate a Wordpress site to WF and perhaps use some external services through Zappier to extend the capabilities, create user accounts and manage them.

Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!


I don't use the CMS... but I'm thinking you will encounter issues with user management.

Without the CMS...
If you have the skills... you can use Webflow to prototype your system very quickly.
Export the site...
Then use your php / mysql skills to develop the server-side requirements.
Beyond that is hosting / server management / seo / marketing...
you know... general kind of stuff.


That's what I thought, but isnt there a way to connect the custom forum backend to WF's environment? Exporting the site means no editing abilities...