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Developing multiple iterations of one site in parallel - How to copy elements/styles/objects/parts?


Hi folks,

I am developing multiple iterations of the same site (different language versions on different domains). Everything except part of the URL-s and the text content is the same. When I add a feature to one, I have to re-create the same feature in the other, which is a real pain in the a*

Is it possible to transfer styles/elements/parts/objects between Webflow sites? If not, please make this a strong wish. I am sure that many of us have this wish either for parallel development, or simply reuse their assets (and not just images).





That could be problematic. I explained why here:

Now there is a feature of the Team plan that could help you: in a team, you can set one site as a template and create other sites from it. It's not better than duplicating a site, it's just more convenient, and everyone in the team can do it. Thought I'd mention it.

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