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Did anyone else see this foxycart inventory video?


I found this video on youtube that shows inventory management using webhooks and foxycart.

Is this possible?


Hey @pixelcactus.
You found a little easter egg there. :slight_smile: Our Webflow API integration is just about complete. Inventory control is the focus for phase 1.



@foxy When will we be able to use this?


@pixelcactus We don't have a concrete date since the integration is part of a bigger update, but I do know we are in the testing phase, so that's a good sign.



Any news on Inventory Control yet? API integration with Webflow?


Hi @pixelcactus.
Unfortunately, no launch date yet. The Webflow portion of the integration is complete, but it's part of a larger release we're working on. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Hi Josh,

Any news on the inventory control yet? :grimacing:
I will be in touch in the next week anyway as we’re setting one of the sites live with Foxycart, I have another project that I’m hoping to close on, and the inventory control is a big thing for them.


Hi @magicmark.
Thank you for checking, but unfortunately the integration is on hold until Webflow updates their API. We’re patiently waiting. You can see the forum thread here: Publishing collection data and removing OAuth integration

Sorry I don’t have better news yet, but definitely reach out if we can help with anything.