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Did Webflow just change endpoints for E-Commerce products?

Hi Brandon,

Can i submit ticket for you guys to update your documentation? The endpoints are still not correct on e-commerce /update a product,

By the way most people that arrive might probably genuinely have no clue how to submit a ticket, probably having one in your footer would be super helpful.

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You can submit for any errors you see related to our docs, university, or even in the platform itself.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

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Did you guys do again breaking changes to API without informing anyone?

Are you aware people are actually relying on your platform for running businesses?

Your changelog on API Docs - is super clean no changes… but obviously, you did do changes.

  • The wrong API endpoint I mentioned earlier above got corrected
  • SKU update call - it is not possible to update the “_archived” flag on SKU level anymore. Well this flag did not make much sense from the beginning, since it has 0 impacts on GUI but logically if it is there it should be possible to align it with product _archive status
  • it is also not necessary to add “Product ID” inside this call - great, no reason why this was needed earlier:

Changes are fine but you need to find out a way to inform users about it. An updated Changelog would be great for a start. Don’t tell me that you also don’t comment on your code and add commit messages?

BTW a missing TO DO point here- someone lost a ticket?:

With snarky regards :wink:

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has there been update to this issue as I’m trying to create a product with webflow through zapier but it just says that about the endpoint and not being authorized??

Im wondering the same, STUCK!

Still happening for me as well!

Same permissions error for me, trying to add a product from airtable data using zapier.

Also, the product fields available in the zapier action don’t include Price, which is the whole reason I want to go through airtable. Am I missing why Price isn’t an available field?