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Disappearing logo


In design mode it’s there… in preview it isn’tI am not sure why this is only my 4th Webflow site and the first time I have tried a stacked header… in that I have links in the header outside of the general navigation…

If anyone could help me figure out why the logo is disappearing when preview that would be great… OR a solution to having the same result would be nice too.

Thank you in advance.

Preview link is:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Jeff_Biggs

Adding a height of 61px to the brand link div solves it for me. Because the logo is set as a bkgd the div has no children inside of it to set the height by. That’s why it reverts to 0px. It shows in the Designer because there is a feature that gives empty divs a min H and W so that you can select empty divs on the canvas. The other solution would be to use an img element inside the brand link.

Hope that helps. Happy designing!


Thank you Matt, I I went ahead and added the 61px and it works great. I am not sure why I automatically lean towards back ground images rather than just an image But your solution worked.

Again, Thank You. It’s people like you who are willing to lend a hand that make these forums such a valuable resource. I hope I can learn enough to be able to contribute on the giving side of these forms.


Glad I could help and agree about the forum! :webflow_heart: