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Disappears when the value of the element height of 100 %


Hello dear team Webflow!

Why, when I put the height of the unit in % , it disappears (becomes thin line)?

Other developers do height units in % and it works for them . For example:

It contains the image height in%. When I do the same, I have them disappear .


For a percentage height to work the elements parent has to have a height in either px or % set to it. Without a link to your project I won't be able to give you specifics. If you are going to use % for all of your set heights you will need to set the body to 100% height.

You can also use vh units to avoid setting parent heights.

Hope that helps :smile:


In this example , the height of the parent in%. In general, everything is in %

I tried to repeat the same thing exactly in exactly, I did not get.

Retry this website exactly like this guy has done. You will be surprised, but will not work.

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