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Display cms items using webflow grid


Hey, :wave: will we be able to use grid with cms? Probably a stupid question but I’m sure I heard somewhere that you can’t display cms items with grid. I hope this isn’t true. Thanks :pray:


Hi, it was mentioned in the live stream (my question) with @Lindapham and @PixelGeek that although it won’t be available on launch, you will be able to soon after.

“Each item in a collection list will fall into it’s own cell automatically”

How will Dynamic Content work with CSS Grid? (video starts at 23:46)

I’m so freakin’ excited for Grid! :vulcan_salute: :pleading_face: :nerd_face:


Thank you so much, very helpful and great to know. Can’t wait either. Trouble is I am probably gonna want to do a lot of re design now on my sites. Should be easy though:) thanks again