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Display data based on user input?


I would like to create an interface that will display data based on inputs from a user. For example: enter your make, model, and year and it retrieves and displays information about manufacturer recalls. I am currently very limited in my coding ability but I am more than willing to give it a shot. I just need to know what direction to run in. I was thinking of using a public Google Sheets document as a database. Any ideas on how to get this accomplished?


@Alchemy This is difficult in webflow, you will need to export webflow and create a own data base. I wish webflow could do that stuff you requested


Hi @Alchemy, at the moment, it is possible to save data to a google sheet via Zapier:

The issue comes in when you want to pull info from a DB or sheet and display that in Webflow. There will be new CMS capabilities in Webflow soon, that may help in this area, but I do not have the exact features that will be available, so I cannot give you specifics yet.

I have made this a Wishlist item so that we can keep this conversation alive smile

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