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"Display: None on click" not working when parent element IX conflicts


Hey guys, i'm having trouble using IX to "display:none" an element. i've tried working around this but unsure if i'm running into a regression. any ideas? cc @danro @waldo

Site: royaltyexoticcars
Page: /menu
Element: menu__tiles--lightboxwrapper


Hi @thewonglv

The issue is that the parent menu__tiles--wrapper element has an interaction that is causing the lightbox to open. You have two interactions conflicting each other on click.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


i don't understand. are you sure?

click element, set child to display block
click display block element, set to display none

isn't that common?

i'll try using a sibling structure and see if that resolves it. one sec



of course the sibling structure worked!! Thanks @PixelGeek i owe you for that one brotha!

PS: geez. i'm definitely getting rusty. must be all the moisture from the hawaiian jungle (either that or the sounds are getting to me! :grimacing:)

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