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Disqus on a CMS template page?


Does this work as you generate new content for the page? Do the comments “stick” with the CMS content for viewers?

What are some things to look out for?
For instance, on the disqus site they say:

  1. (Recommended) Edit the RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION VARIABLES section using your CMS or platform’s dynamic values. See our documentation to learn why defining identifier and url is important for preventing duplicate threads.

Thank you!


Yes, you need to define your canonical url for dynamic CMS when using DISQUS!


oh my, what the heck?

Thanks for the reply, but have no idea what that means? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


the canonical url is this:


Yup, still lost. I guess I’ll just remove it.
Thank you.


Have you considered using AddThis to share posts. And you can create your own comment section by using CMS fields with a Zapier Zap.

Check it out and see if that doesnt work for you better.