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Divs are overlapping


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I created a Flexbox with two main Divs. 50% each side. Trying to create template page that I can duplicate when I have it laid out. For mobile/landscape, I went from horizontal to vertical. Now my main two divs are overlapping. The usual things I do (padding or margin) are not separating like they normally do. Not sure where to go from here.

I know this is my ignorance of something pretty basic. Have mercy on me. The page I am working on is the What We Do Template.


This is a mess. I thought Divs separated from each other by nature.

It is clear that I have created a CSS crime.


this is what is causing your overlap. Just set your height to auto

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That seemed to take care of it except this (which I assume I altered somewhere?):


Actually, it must have been a glitch because it was fine when I restarted the site. Thanks for your help @PixelGeek!

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