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Do i get to create multiple domain emails?


Do i get to create multiple domain emails if i host with webflow? Since that is crucial for my type of homepage. I need to set up multiple emails, if not do i need to sign up for a pro membership to be able to make more than 2 pages on my website, and host somewhere else?

I’m abit confused about how this works…



Just in case you mean email hosting - that’s not offered by Webflow…


Yes, I meant email hosting. But if I now host my website with let’s say, Will the form stop working? I have it set up to send info to MailChimp list.


By the domain company (read the domain company DOCS). Example:


The hosting/domain VS webflow. everything will work fine (The form is by webflow). If you use MailChimp - you should integrate the code in webflow forms.


One last question. I’m locked from creating any more pages on my website from the editor. And it says to get hosting. If I host on will I be able to expand my website. Or will I need to buy hosting on webflow too just to create the amount of pages my website will need?


Domain VS host - again two seperate terms/subjects. Read her (or google it):

If you work with webflow you use webflow hosting

One of the features of the paid plan is an option to Connect your domain (“your” - you buy this domain somewhere):

More pages

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

Sure! You can test out Webflow on our free plan where you can experiment with 2 projects. Your unhosted projects will have a two-page limit, but you can purchase a hosting on a per-project basis to unlock up to 100 static pages and additional CMS pages.

Read more here: