Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Do we have some folks who use webflow in the ATL community~?


I always wanted to get a meetup going so we can gather and just geek out about webflow~~ because all the design event i’ve been going to not a lot people actually know about webflow T3T


Hey @isitgrey,

I’m an engineer at Webflow and live in Atlanta. I’ve gone to a few meetups around town too and yup, no one ever knows what Webflow is lol. I can help you out if you would like to start a Webflow Meetup in Atlanta.


Yes pleaseeee ughhh why didn’t I post this sooner lol


I live in Atlanta and would love to help get a Webflow meetup going. Count me in.


I live in Atlanta too!


We’ll get this started and I’ll post a link when it’s ready. :grin::+1:


@seetravers @lindsay.ware Join in! :smiley: