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Do we lose SEO benefits with PDF uploads using domain?


I have a PDF I need to host for a client.

Under the advice of SEO specialists, in order to get google to index the file and apply any associated SEO benefits, the PDF should be uploaded to the custom domain eg.

When I upload the file to my webflow asset library, the URL assigned to the file is:

As I understand it, there is no way to change this to use my custom domain, in which case, so I can give a direct link to the PDF for other sites that would like to link to the PDF file using our custom domain, I’ve used javascript so everybody who visits > will automatically go to >

This is the javascript:


My question: will I lose the SEO backlink benefits using this method when other domains link to the PDF file?


Thank you so much for reaching out about SEO and assets uploaded within your Webflow project. Great question, and I’m here to help!

As you may know - the PDFs will still rank in search, however they will not be attributed to your custom domain.

Setting window.location from script will not be spotted by search engines (Google has detection for simple document.write additions but this won’t catch any of the more advanced DOM scripting stuff).

Attributing to your custom domain does provide SEO benefits, however allowing Amazon to provide the assets is more efficient.

Currently, Google can crawl, index, and rank the documents.

We definitely understand that this process is not the most ideal for SEO. You are not alone in thinking this would be an awesome feature to have in Webflow. It is definitely something you can vote for on our Webflow Wishlist


Hey, I have quick follow up question to this comment:

Does that mean, due to the set up of the document links, there is no way for me to stop Google from indexing a PDF uploaded to Webflow? (I’ve uploaded a doc to my company’s website, and we’d like to stop it from indexing, but so far all attempts have been fruitless, and I’m suspecting this may be the reason.)