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Does a lazy load is still a "no" thing?


Hi all! Is there any 100% working lazy load plugin/code or pagination workaround (except using tabs)? I found a few topics here on forum, but mostly they're dead or doesn't provide a clear solution.

Or maybe there is any other solution to build kind of a blog without loading a gazillion of items on one page? I really want to start using Webflow a lot and bring a few clients here, but the lack of some simple things seems to be so odd. Thanks!


Updates to pagination will be posted by Webflow staff here:

Up to then, there are only workarounds.


That's fine. Can you please provide a link to a workable workaround? Everything I found on forum is a dead end :frowning:


Does anyone have a working solution? Or this thread became dead as many others on pagination topic?

Maybe WF team can give a hint how they did a lazy load button on their own blog?


That's not a lazy load button. It's a link to another page with a dynamic list of ALL posts.


Is lazy load another name for Ajax calls?


From the description, I guess it is. Do you know how to implement that?


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