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Does anyone k ow about good personal webflow courses?


Hello everyone

I start this topic as I couldn’t find any related message by searching it here.

I’m a beginner webflow user and have been able to follow several online videos on the site, start building very simple blocks or adapt some templates to test the software, but I would need to increase the skills much faster and as I’ll need the skills for a professional project I was looking for one-to-one personal courses about webflow. I’m based in the Swiss region between Geneva an Lausanne and maybe some talented coder that knows webflow perfectly could imagine giving personal lessons.
It would be targeting the design part (not into cms, etc, maybe this could be a future step) and responsive, some effects and structuring content for mobile/desktop needs.

Thank you in advance for any information that could help me :wink:
Cheers! :wink:


If you need 1 to 1 tutoring, perhaps


Thank you samliew!
I’ll explore those and will wait if a closer agency or freelancer is also available :wink: