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Does Google punish images hosted on Webflow?


Our site is dependant on the Google Image Search, although we created an image sitemap and all images are submitted, no image is indexed still. At first we thought the issue was with the background-images (no support for object-fit) we use entirely to embed our images, even for important ones that are content-relevant. The then submitted image-sitemap did not help very much (look at our search console screenshot).
The next things I would have tried would be to exclude our images from the Webflow Assets and to embed them on an own CDN/private webserver because maybe the Webflow Assets gained some sort of bad reputation or the obfuscated image names get somehow punished. The problem is, we cannot include external images with tags on Webflow.

Our main concern is that it takes just too long to show our images up on Google (search for brandengates select), even we have this site for at least an half year. Even if we had images of much higher quality or much more beautiful ones, it wouldn’t result in any benefit without the search results on the images tab.

Thank you for any help you can offer,
Calvin R.
Branden Gates Studios



please let me know if someone has any idea :slight_smile: