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Does Invisible reCaptcha work with webflow? How can i make it work?


Hello Webflow ninjas :smiley:

Im working on a project where client wants to have “Invisible reCAPTCHA” on all forms in their site. Itried to look it up on forums, youtube or even google. No answer that i could find. Closest thing to an answer was: I DOSENT WORK! from June of 2017, where reCAPTCHA wasnt even in webflow i think.

How can i do this? Where can i find any info about this? is it even supported? why not? :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the help in advance.
Fellow Webflow Ninja


I don’t believe that it is possible (I’ve never heard of it either). If your client wants invisible reCAPTCHA I recommend not putting a reCAPTCHA on at all. The whole purpose of reCAPTCHA is to avoid spamming of the webform by ensuring that it comes from a person not a bot and having an invisible one that I assume would be manipulated into being ticked would defeat the purpose of it all together.

Sorry but I think your client might be pulling your leg.


Im sorry sir but seems like you are not familiar with Invisible reCAPTCHA at all. It exists, and works really well. Its is an automated process that happens in the background, check for validation. I have actually used if before, but i had help from an actuall dev, im just an designer with limited coding knowledge.

Nobody is pulling my leg btw. Unless google and hub spot are both full of shit, and i was druged as fuck to be imagining invisible recaptcha in other projects (wordpress)