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Does the Personal plan come with the "Built with Webflow" tag?


I am a bit confused about the new Pricing ... Is "Personal" comes with the "Built with Webflow" tag

and what exactly are the "Whitelabel your code" features ?

Thank you !!!!!


I'm on the personal plan and I don't get the "Built with webflow" tag.

Whitelabel code means the reference to webflow in the file is removed.


Webflow Badge = "Built with Webflow" tag at the bottom left of your webpages

Unbranded code = We remove references to Webflow in your source code

Whitelabel = You can replace the Webflow logo in the CMS Editor tool that your client sees with your own. (coming soon.)


Hello @PixelGeek

Do you have a release date for the whitelabel ? It's a mater of days, weeks or months?



No firm release date at the moment


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