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Does webflow have an availability calender


I want to add a simply availability calendar to a website to show availability for a holiday cottage to show when the cottage is free or booked.
Any ideas on how to do this?
Can i import a calendar using iframe?
All suggestions would be helpful
Charlie Jackson

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Hi @chazjac

Not natively, but i’ve tried out these two before, both have useful sections on how to embed into a site.

On the Webflow side you will use an ‘Embed’ element and paste the code.
(you will need to publish your site to see the custom code work)

Also, if you are looking to take payments, and the cottage lets will be ‘sold’ as blocks, @foxy may have a solution that could work for you. As far as I know you would create the availability blocks in the Webflow CMS, and use Foxy to process the payment, which can then update the ‘block’ as sold/unavailable.

Let us know how you get on!


Thank you @StuM.

@chazjac Nice to meet you! We’ve helped many Webflow users with booking/availability type setups. Feel free to message or email ( You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here: