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Does WebFlow support webP images?

According to Google (

Converting the images from png to something like WebP would impact the loading time the most. Can they be used in WebFlow?

thanks - dave



I believe yes. You can use webp just like jpeg and other formats.

Piter :webflow_heart:

You can’t upload a webp image to site assets. So the only way you could use one would be with an embed with the file hosted elsewhere. Webflow would also not be able to create responsively derived images from an embed.

Photoshop and many other popular image editors don’t support it yet. I have one tool on my mac that does.

I have a client site where it is used, but custom code and an image hosting service is generating the webp image, all the responsive images, and fallback support for browsers that don’t support it.

Safari browser (OS X and IOS) has zero support for it. Take a look below.

TL;DR - Nope. Not practical.


I was going to say the same as @webdev. Just ignore that part of the optimization suggestions. I mean, the support’s not there yet. Kinda weird to adopt it then to help with load times. No images loads fast too :joy:

I know now :grin: Thanks!

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Blockquote[quote=“PiterDimitrov, post:2, topic:83876”]
I believe yes. You can use webp just like jpeg and other formats.

Piter :webflow_heart:

How do you upload your webp assets? I get error when trying upload webp assets. I cant upload my webp assets, and I have to convert them to png before uploading.

Webflow doesn’t support webp images natively, the suggestion was to reference them from an external source, but support isn’t quite there yet among Apple devices

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Thanks for your answer. I do think that it would add tremendous value for all webflow creators to publish images without the limitations of web standards. For instance, could there possibly be support for not only webP but also, jpg2 and jpegXR so that it has cross-brower support? Thanks!!